FoxxYork, Inc. is a well respected licensed interior design firm. Since 1995, Al has been specializing in residential and commercial interior design. His notable skill in conceptual design has earned him a reputation as one of Northwest Arkansas' premiere interior designers. His work has been featured in many Residential Showcases and industry publications in North America. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Al has always had an affinity for elements of structural design and aesthetics. He graduated from OSU in Stillwater, OK and Mount Royal College in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Al began his career by co-owning a multi-million dollar firm in Canada specializing in residential and commercial design for interior and exterior spaces. He was also asked by the university to teach their color theory class in Calgary. Al's talents have kept him a much sought after interior designer. Al's passion for interior design is reflected in the beautiful surroundings that he creates. An ability to collaborate with architects, contractors, and his clients have earned him a well deserved reputation as a true professional. 

Some of Al's professional affiliations include:
• Corporate Visual Merchandiser & Product Developer for an International Furniture Manufacturer and Retailer
• Residential interiors, full scale renovations and commercial spaces
• Designing showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Las Vegas
• Representing Furniture and Accessory Manufacturers in 3 states
• Skilled in Feng Shui and Sustainable Products